Our Focus on Safety

World-Class Safety. Every Day.

On-Site and Top of Mind

At Insulations, Inc. (I&I), we are driven by one unifying goal: to be incident-free on each project every day. We believe that insulation safety is an inherent part of every operation we conduct. It’s our most important value that protects our most important assets — our people. By building a company based on the highest safety standards in the insulation industry and beyond, we can do our best work every day for you.

Our People-First Culture

Creating a best-in-class insulation safety culture that we live out every day starts with each person on our team. They are our first line of action in ensuring a safe and efficient job site. I&I empowers our management and employees to perpetuate our insulation safety beliefs and values, and they follow these guiding principles every day:

  • Employee safety and health, as well as protection of the environment, must be viewed as a value that we adhere to in every facet of our operation.
  • Safety and Health leadership creating an incident free project must exist independent of individual personalities and single objectives.
  • Each and every employee must, regardless of position, accept and wholeheartedly execute their responsibility for Safety and Health.

With these guiding principles at the forefront of our safety culture, I&I can create comprehensive, site-specific insulation safety execution plans to better serve our customers. Strong safety performance is a cornerstone of successfully delivering:

  • Fewer accidents, losses, and disruptions
  • Improved employee morale
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved compliance with OSHA regulations
  • Improved reputation and standard of quality

By employing Safety C.A.N. (Communicate, Award and Normalize), we’ve earned an Experience Modification Rate (EMR) that has averaged 0.64 over the last eight years, and our workers compensation claims have reduced by over 70%. Our CEO through our front line employees are committed to an injury-free workplace.

Proactive Protocols 

With Safety C.A.N., we can ensure the safety of everyone on our team through every single job.

Injury Prevention & Protection

Insulation safety is an inherent part of our operations. What may seem like minor slips, trips, and falls can lead to very serious injuries for our employees. To mitigate the risk of injury, we utilize procedures like PSRLs fall prevention and protection and proper PPE on a daily basis, including head protection and cut-resistant or impact gloves.

Site Insulation Safety Execution Plans

Based on specific services fulfilled, we outline specific insulation safety measures for individual scopes of work to prevent risk and injury onsite. From safety briefings and job hazard analyses to performing hazard demonstrations and implementing Stop Work Authority practices, I&I is dedicated to maintaining an injury-free workplace.

Employee Incentive and Reward Program

A shared commitment to health and insulation safety is crucial to successfully performing business. That’s why I&I implemented an award program to provide incentives to employees to reward a safety-first mindset. Awards are based on participation in our programs, such as the Safety Committee, jobsite audits, or “Good Catches.”

Model System

Leading by example is the single most leveraged activity in building an authentic goal and vision for injury-free performance. By allowing managers and supervisors to carry out this policy, our employees learn that the only acceptable level of performance is to be incident free on each project every day.

Supervisor Training

All of our Project Supervisors and Foreman are required to attend a supervisor course prior to receiving duties. Topics include Safety leadership, Accident Investigation, First Aid / CPR, Behavioral Based Safety, etc. to ensure comprehensive background on all general safety procedures.

On-site Insulation Safety

  • An Honor, But Not an End Goal
  • After a Good Day’s Work
  • Building on Good Work
  • An Added Bonus to a Hard Day’s Work

The accolades I&I receives are a testament to our commitment to safety for our people and our projects. As a result of implementing a comprehensive safety program, we have set a precedent in the industry that relies on improving safety and leadership standards across the board. It’s that level of dedication that has helped us achieve an injury-free workplace and a number of awards. We blend management protocol into every aspect of your project, including safety, quality, and performance. Integrating project controls, including scheduling, planning, and transparent reporting, allows us to keep your project on track.

Diamond Level 2020

Associated Builders and Contractors-Safety Training and Education Process (STEP) Award

Diamond Level 2019

Associated Builders and Contractors-Safety Training and Education Process (STEP) Award

Injury Free Award 2020

Greater New Orleans Industrial Education Council

 Gold Level 2020

National Insulation Association (NIA) Safety Excellence Award

Award of Merit

Metropolitan Safety Council

Award of Merit

Texas Safety Association

Platinum Level

Associated Builders and Contractors – Safety Training and Education Process (STEP) Award

Award of Merit

Contractors Safety Council of Coastal Bend

Award of Honor

Industrial Safety Training Council (ISTC Golden Triangle)

Award of Merit

Contractor’s Safety Council of Brazosport, Inc.

National Safety Excellence Award (NESA)

Associated Builders and Contractors

Construction Industry Safety Excellence (CISE)

National Business Roundtable