About I&I

Transforming the Industry

A Leading Soft Crafting Contractor and Insulation Company

Specialized Services. World Wide. 

It’s time for a transformation. From our relationships to services to expectations — Insulations, Inc. (I&I) is setting the standard for greatness in this industry. The kind of standard and quality that ensure our clients and our peers are getting the next best thing with every project.

For more than 50 years, I&I has been the expert in executing innovative insulations solutions that inspire customer relationships. And now, we’re challenging the status quo and taking on the biggest ideas in the industry to keep serving as a leading provider of specialized industrial services for a variety of industries worldwide. Strategically located in the Gulf South, we deliver comprehensive solutions, including insulations, heat tracing, scaffolding, and fireproofing with proven safety and productivity standards. 

At any stage of development, our team has the capacity, capability, and expertise to undertake any project of any size.

Service that Goes Beyond

As partners in the industry, it’s our job to make every project easy for you. At I&I, we take care of the project in its entirety to perform, to build, and to navigate relationships and ensure our engineered solutions live up to not only your standard, but a global one. 

With the technical expertise and the foresight to do the best work, our experienced team has the capability to go beyond simple fulfilment. Our longevity in the industry has let us develop best practices that reinforce safety and efficiency, and we continue adapting those processes with changing times and projects to deliver excellence from start to finish.

What Matters Most

Company Culture


Leading with a people-centric culture, we believe in securing the foundation for relationships. From driving careers forward to transforming projects for our customers, I&I builds lasting relationships to continue delivering the best outcomes.

Reliable Quality


Excellence is measured only by the quality of the work we produce. From the safety of all of our team members to our craftsmanship and performance, our standard of quality lets us deliver dependable services that are hard to match throughout the industry.

High Productivity


With I&I Coupling efficiency and valuable services together, we minimize downtime to ensure your projects stay on-time and on-budget. We work alongside engineers to deliver your needs through specialized, sustainable solutions that last.

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For more than 50 years, the I&I team has been executing work at the highest standard for you. Get to know more about your partners in transforming the industry.



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