Foamglass Insulation of Spheres in Refineries and Chemical Plants


The insulating of spheres, using Pittsburgh Corning Foamglass, requires special knowledge of layout and the use of a special adhesive system. Insulations, Inc. has completed several successful installations with this system at Refineries and Chemical Plants.

Insulations, Inc. is a channel partner of Pittsburgh Corning. We earned this position because of our long history of quality installations using Foamglass.

The Insulation system on a sphere maintains its integrity as long as moisture is kept out of the system. When the Insulation system is initially installed, vapor barriers and jacketing systems are used to keep the moisture out. When an Insulation system is new, all penetrations are also caulked.

However, over the years, most plants do not maintain their vapor barriers and jacketing systems or re-caulk penetrations as needed to keep moisture out.

When moisture takes over, the Insulation loses its efficiency and it needs to be replaced. In some cases, moisture causes corrosion on the sphere.

Recently, there have been several spheres at different plants that, after 30 years, needed a new Insulation system.

On many of these projects, we remove the existing Insulation and blast, prime and paint the sphere, all with our own people, before we start the re-insulation.

Insulations, Inc. has been successful in securing many of these sphere projects due to our experience and the efficiency we bring to the project.

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