Insulation and Painting on Thunder Horse, the World’s Largest Semi-Submersible


The Thunder Horse is the world’s largest production semi-submersible ever built. BP owns 75% of this platform and ExxonMobil owns 25%. Its topside is the size of three football fields.

The Thunder Horse is designed to extract both oil and gas from a reservoir that is three miles beneath the ocean floor. The rig is in 6,000 feet of water.

The Platform is located in the Gulf of Mexico, 125 miles south-east of New Orleans.

Thunder Horse was one of several platforms built at the same time at McDermott in Amelia, LA. Some of the others were Atlantis, Mad Dog and Holstein.

Insulation, Inc. installed over $5,000,000 of insulation and $500,000 of painting on these platforms.

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