Insulations, Inc. Participates in Modularization of Industrial Plants


Insulations, Inc. recently completed the Insulation, Heat Tracing and Fireproofing work on several modular projects at CB&I’s Beaumont TX fabrication yard. These modular projects were for Petrostar in Valdez Alaska, Conoco Phillips in Wood River Il, Flint Hills in Corpus Christi TX and Plus Petrol in Malvinas Peru.

In the last five to ten years, we have seen more modularization in the construction of traditional industrial plants.

In industrial construction, the options are to stick build a project on site, or modularize the project at a fabrication facility a thousand miles away or even in another country. The completed modules are transported to the site by ship, barge or truck.

Some project sites are in remote locations and do not have the availability of local skilled labor. That is, the quantity of workers with sufficient skill proficiency to build the project. Craft workers would have to be compensated for housing and transportation at a remote project site adding considerably to the cost.

On some projects the local wages at the site are considerably higher than the wages at the modular yard and the productivity is not as good as that at the modular yard.

As a result, it is more cost effective to modularize as much of the project as possible at a fabrication yard that has both the quantity and quality of workers available to build the modules.

The modularization of industrial plants will continue to be a major trend.

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