Kemper County Energy Facility, De Kalb, MS


The Kemper County Energy Facility is a 583 megawatt generating facility built by Southern Company 20 miles north of Meridian, MS.

This plant uses clean coal technology to deliver safe and reliable electricity attained by the conversion of inexpensive, locally available Mississippi lignite into gas. The lignite is sent through a gasifier where it undergoes a chemical reaction creating a synthesis gas. This gas is then used to fuel two Heat Recovery Generators.

During the gasification process, by products of carbon dioxide, ammonia and hydrogen sulfide are created and removed from the gas stream and then sold to other industries.

Insulations, Inc. was awarded this project by providing Southern Company the best value while competing against many other companies. We installed $44,000,000 of scaffolding, insulation, heat tracing and paint at the facility.

While our manpower on site peaked at 503 and we had over 700,000 man hours on site, our safety record was excellent. Southern Company awarded Insulations, Inc. the highest safety award they bestow on contractors, “The Triangle Safety Award.”

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