Paper Mill Boiler, Precipitator, and Ductwork – Brunswick, GA


Stricter environmental regulations forced the Paper Industry to figure out a way to dispose of Black Liquor and because of this, most mills built recovery boilers to burn the black liquor and create steam and electricity at the same time.

Georgia Pacific Brunswick GA hired a Finish company, Tampella, to be the EPC contractor on the project. The project included a boiler, a precipitator, ductwork and piping.

Insulations, Inc. set up a fabrication shop, on site, to cut the metal jacketing to all the many sizes required for the project.

Our scope included the insulation of the boiler, all the related ductwork, the precipitator and piping.

We also installed refractory in the boiler.

The value of the project was $2,500,000.

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