Refinery Coke Drum Replacement


Coke Drums absorb a lot of stress. During the course of 24 hours, they fluctuate back and forth from ambient temperature to 800°F causing a great deal of expansion. This stretching however is not consistent on the circumference of the drum.

The coke drum can expand inches in one place and not at all in another. This irregular expansion puts substantial stress on the drums and the insulation installed on them. Traditional insulation systems do not take the irregular expansion of the drums very well.

The engineer for this coke drum project, Fluor, chose an system design that provides insulation a much longer life than a traditional insulation installation.

Fluor designed a cage insulation support system that covers the entire sidewall of the Coke Drum. This system is about 6” off the sidewall of the Coke Drum. The cage will allow the insulation attached to float away from the drum itself. The design also specified that an insulation panel system is to be attached to the cage system itself.

Our team designed a system for the top head of the Coke Drum that allows for expansion while in service. Insulations, Inc. was awarded this project because of our prior fabrication experience as well as being able to offer the best value to the customer. We also manufacturer standing seam panel systems in several of our fabrication facilities.

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