Saint Johns, AZ Power Plant Environmental Project


Both federal and state laws are getting stricter on the emissions allowed from coal fired power plants. To meet these upcoming requirements, power plant owners all over the country have to do environmental upgrades. The emissions of Mercury, Sulfur Oxide and Nitric Oxide are all under scrutiny.

The Salt River Power District in Arizona installed advanced scrubbers to reduce the parts per million of Sulfur Oxide emitted by the Coronado Unit # 1 and Unit # 2 in Saint Johns, Arizona. The project included the adding of advanced scrubbers, ammonia injection systems, fans, boiler modification and duct work.

Insulations, Inc. installed Electric Tracing, Pipe Insulation and Duct Insulation on this project and also erected all Scaffolding needed to support our work.

The weather was a challenging factor during the execution of this project. St Johns is in the White Mountains, between Phoenix and Albuquerque NM, and subject to cold temperatures and snow.

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