Scaffolding Services on the J.L. Stall Power Station


The erection of Scaffolding is another one of Insulations, Inc.’s many services that we provide to our customers.

On most projects, we install our own Scaffolding to gain access to the many scopes of work that we perform.

On other projects, our customers may ask us to erect Scaffolding for the entire project. This means providing access to the work for every other craft on the job site, as well as for our own requirements.

In some cases, a client may only need our scaffolding services because they have directly hired us for other scopes of work we perform. Such was the case at American Electric Power at J. L. Stall Power Station in Shreveport, LA. Insulations, Inc. or I&I Soft Craft Solutions was the scaffolding contractor only. We completed over $2,500,000 of scaffolding work with zero recordables.

All our crews are trained and certified to meet all OSHA requirements. Contact us now for assistance on your scaffolding project.

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